10 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2021

If you’re looking to upgrade your e-commerce store for the new year, then this roundup is a great place to start! We researched and compiled a list of the top ten WordPress themes on the market today.

While these themes will work for any blog , some may be a better fit for your business store, while others might be ideal for a lifestyle store. But no matter what you’re using your website for, these are some of the best WordPress themes out there today. But it’s not just any list; we really do mean it – these are some of the best and most popular themes out there! You can hire website designing company in Delhi to choose best theme for you according to your needs

Why Ecommerce WordPress Themes?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your WordPress theme is popularity – not only how many people are using it, but also what they’re saying about it. If there are a lot of positive reviews about the theme you’re considering, then it’s probably worth checking out.

List Of 10 Most Popular & Best WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are the most popular, time-tested, well-known, and highest quality. They are all high-performance because they have great features. The top 10 WordPress themes are the best ones to use for your site because they will be compatible with almost any theme and provide a professional image.

  1. Astra Theme

Astra is one of the best-customized Ecommerce WordPress themes that will be lightweight or completely responsive for your website. This theme is ideal for all the Woocommerce sites who want to increase their business sales without much effort.

It provides you the convenient drag & drop option to edit details according to the need of your store with more than 150+ templates to play around with as a starter. You can’t beat this theme in performance with a loading speed of less than a few seconds. There are various sidebars, widgets, grids, or various options to make your store more impressive without the headache of coding.

  1. Hestia

Now if you are searching for any e-commerce WordPress themes for your small business, then we might suggest you the most popular theme named Hestia. All the small stores can count on this well-detailed theme to get a countable solution for your website. It is compatible with many page builders & gives your users a great shopping experience.

The prominent features of the theme go well with the working of built-in pages of the theme. You can deliver simple designs with sophistication.

  1. Deep

Deep is one of those best options for the e-commerce WordPress themes that offer a great solution to the people who own a small business such as clothing, spa, gym, or many more. You do not need any developer to edit all your landing pages every single time. You can enjoy various features like it is compatible with Woocommerce, page builder, mobile-friendly that you have never imagined.

It acts as a potential theme to various business owners in different industries. You can design the website the way you want by trying the feature built-in demos. You can avail 29+ plugins in the premium version to get more exposure.

  1. Neve apparel

Now we are going to discuss a theme that is quite appreciated by the clothing industry that is Neve apparel. Many of the wholesale, retailers, or shop owners are using this to create a valuable presence over the search engine. The theme is quite manageable or loaded with lots of features. The interface is easy to use & gets you more leads because of the easy navigation process.

You can choose from various options to design a layout that catches your customer’s attention. Neve apparel comes with the built-in option of AMP, responsiveness & layouts to catch the attention of almost everyone.

  1. Easy Store

Easy store is one of the most popular themes that keep the e-commerce stores as their priority & become the popular choice. The most convenient or expected user interface makes the website comfortable for the users with fascinating design. you can optimize your product pages or various categories catalogs to get a much nicer appearance.

You get more options on the plugins, responsive design, SEO optimized features, and all sorts of translations for making your website a convenient choice among your customers.

  1. Ashe

Ashe is the WordPress theme that designs your website more accurately. This theme is loaded with lots of options such as sliding panels, grids, fonts, checkboxes, or many more options that you can customize. If you relate to business, food, or restaurants then it will be great for your services offerings.

You can avail of premium features like regular updates, new features & plugins at $29. Those people who want full support from Woocommerce so that they can fully customize the website then this is the theme you should purchase. You can regularly update the page’s backgrounds, fonts, or banners with easy editing options.

  1. Sophisticated lite

If you need sophisticated features to create an elegant store for branded jewelry or fashion apparels then Sophisticated lite has all the filters you need. It provides you with the latest framework through which you can entirely change the look of the website. You can make your products more accurate according to the various modern design layouts.

A well-detailed arena can give you the impression of using these options more accurately. It has a homepage with a grid or other attractive features. All the products can be easily placed according to the look of the store. You can use various editing options that make the layout much more appealing.

  1. Incart

For increasing the persistent engagement of customers to your website you can choose one of the most popular eCommerce themes called Incart. You can enjoy the luxury of a modern high-end store for getting more attention. The bootstrap framework makes the products or services easier to deliver online.

Your store can be a high-end store for whatever product you are offering with an Incart theme. It is much more translation ready, responsive, or contains lots of plugins to customize the website. You can create a clean new modernized image by taking advantage of the Incart WordPress theme.

  1. Storefront

One of the most trendy or modern e-commerce store themes that acquire a lot of appreciation among various website developers is Storefront. It can prepare your store in a few hours. You can get a maximum number of editing options to create a 100% responsive, SEO optimized, clean & elegant store. If you need something minimal that looks chic to your customers this is your theme to choose.


Our best WordPress themes for 2021 is a list of ten of the most popular and best WordPress themes released recently. Consult a website designing company in Delhi to offer you themes that are sorted by the number of sales, subscribers, and revenue. We’ve also included a preview of how each WordPress theme looks on a site for you.

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