5 Top SEO trends to drive more traffic

The website is like a giant box; you need to let in as many relevant audiences as possible from the SERPs. Relevant visitors are the ones that will increase the conversion ratio. What could be the strategy behind this? When businesses focus on recent optimization trends, they get maximum results. They can’t afford to ignore what’s important going on in the industry. So, let’s have a look at SEO trends in this article.

What is SEO, and how it works?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that leads to more visitors to your website. It focuses on enhancing website presence online to come upwards on Google SERPs rankings. 

Google keeps on improving its Algorithm to display appropriate results to the users. Accordingly, web admins need to be smart enough to remain updated on these algorithms. Thus, they can catch easily with the competition in the market. These are the latest entrants in the search engine world:

  • Google BERT Algorithm
  • Rankbrain Algorithm
  • Mobile-First Indexing

What are the latest trends to drive more traffic?

Check out these points to know about recent SEO developments:

A. Infographics for better customer engagement

Humans perceive visual text better than normal text. Infographics have picked up pace in the market as there is an increase in traffic on the site manifold. Now, what is so special about infographics? 

The word infographic is the combination of two words info and graphics. The info means information, and graphics means images, illustrations, and other visuals.

Several techniques are popular to make infographics more suitable. You can use flow charts, timelines, image lists, illustration lists, comparison charts, and data graphics like pie charts. 

Here, the point to be noted is that infographics work wonders in the present times of information overload. In simple text, users scan heading, subheadings, bullet points and leave the site. 

On the other hand, infographics command proper direction to the user with text and illustrations. It grabs the attention of visitors for a long. It is because humans perceive 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. While they believe a whopping 90% of what they see and do. 

You can design your infographics by applications like Canva or get them designed through freelancers, online design companies. But, it is vital to add explicit written content along with infographics as Google understands the content. Add alt text with the infographics.

B. Quality and long-format content

Everyone likes to be delivered the best quality in the world. The same is the case with content. You can expect more customers on your site with quality content. See these features to achieve excellent quality:

Covering user perspective

Designing content for users always produces better output. It is because users are the ones who will purchase your products and services.

Keyword optimization

To design first-class content, you can search for trending keywords, analyze competitors’ keywords, and find keywords gaps. Avoid keyword stuffing for Google penalty.


Google considers the user’s search intent by this Algorithm. What is the purpose of the user behind searching? There are many meanings behind a similar set of words. 


Pizza recipe means informative intent, best pizzas around me means comparing pizza of different brands, while order pizza domino means buying intent. Designing content on the same lines helps marketers the most. 

Long format content

Google still considers the long format content as having words more than 2000 words as a ranking parameter. Addressing the user’s concern areas from all aspects will help you. 

C. Technical SEO and UX

Digital marketing experts generally cover basic SEO specifications. But, technical SEO is equally important. Audit your site to look out for any technical SEO issues and fix them.

#1 URL: Form simple URLs for customers and search engines to understand the content in just one look. Include hyphens between words and no capital letters.

# Broken links: Deadlinks are a nasty SEO factor. Check them out with tools like a dead link checker. To do this, in the case of internal links, assign them a 404 error. For outbound deadlinks, you can remove them and allow them to valuable resources.

Other than that, you can hire eCommerce SEO professionals to fix any SEO issues and optimize your site.

D. Dive deep into the Rankbrain

Google devised the Rankbrain Algorithm to give personalized results. It was a revolution in the online market that sets in the era of Artificial intelligence.

eCommerce businesses can use AI technology to track user behavior and previous history. In this way, they can show the relevant results to the customers. Companies can analyze keyword gap analysis and predict the type of content that will trend in the market.

Furthermore, you can also optimize for Rankbrain by implementing Schema markup in your website to improve the relationship between words and their meanings.

E. Mobile optimization

Mobile searches cover a significant chunk of online traffic. Therefore, Google prioritizes mobile-first indexing and mobile-friendly websites for rankings. 

Designing a responsive website is the first step to achieve mobile optimization. It lets the website adjusts on all screens, a smartphone, iPhone, tablet, and desktop.

Include mobile site in the XML sitemap and allow Google bots to crawl with Robot.txt file.

Improve core web vitals by increasing the page loading speed with AMP pages, compressed images, and videos.


SEO trends are like a secret sauce to attract traffic to your website. In brief, the leading SEO traits are:

  • Use search intent to get into the minds of target customers.
  • Utilize the power of strong visuals like infographics and videos for improving user experience.
  • A mobile-friendly site is the foremost step to expand your outreach throughout the world.
  • Fix technical SEO parameters like redirects, secure websites, and canonical web pages.


So, from where are you planning to improve your SEO strategy mentioned above?

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