6 Top Alternative Sites of KickAss Torrents In 2022

There are millions of people worldwide who support the movement of “free movies for everyone.”

It’s a fact that torrent sites use illicit content. However, there are a lot of legal torrent sites to access copyright free content. Kickass was one of the popular torrent sites but it was shut down due to some issues.

Several attempts were made to get back the site via mirror connections. However, its staff also took down its proxy servers. But there are several Kickass alternative sites which can take the place of Kickass.

Let’s tell you about 7 top alternatives for kickass torrent.

1.    The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is more than an adequate substitute for Kickass torrents. It would not be wrong if we say that it’s superior to Kickass in many ways. This torrenting site has tens of millions of visits each month.

The number of files in its collection is also in millions and has a high download rate and an easy-to -use interface. The Pirate Bay has a devoted community which informs you if any torrent is harmful.

2.    1337X

1337X is not as big as The Pirate Bay; however, it has over 50 million visits each month. Most concentration on this site is for amusement like movies, TV series and music. It allows you to search for award nomination movies and the download speed is 3-4MB/s.

A drawback of 1337x is that the library size of this torrent is smaller which annoys many users. But it is considered as an effective substitute to Kickass torrent.

3.    YTS

YTS is a famous torrent among users with low bandwidth. The best part of this torrent is that it allows you to watch HD material on low internet by compressing the torrents.

This site is applicable for movies, so for games, TV shows or music, you may use the other options. To be clear, we do not support any illegal activity so please verify your country’s laws before downloading anything.

4.    ExtraTorrents

Here is good news for music fans as they can check out the content here at ExtraTorrents. It integrates the results of hundreds of search engines to provide you a comprehensive list of files.

Torrent has been around for more than a decade before being shut down. It was the second most famous torrent site on the internet in both 2012 and 2015.

Today, Torrentz2 is also available as an onion site via the Tor network. But now this torrent is low-key and focuses on audio files.

5.    Seedpeer

Seedpeer is a simple torrent site and you can check it out if you enjoy simplicity. This site provides a useful summary of all the recent uploads , making searching for new torrents a breeze. But you might face difficulty due to the lack of bottoms while surfing.

6.    IPTorrent

Torrents on private sites often have faster downloads, seeders, and are available for a long duration. So if you often use torrents, this might be the option for you.

The disadvantage of these services is that they are in great demand. They also have stringent restrictions on the total number of users at a single time. That’s why you need to look for the sign-up page to take advantage of any openings.

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