A Healthy Heart Keeps You Strong -World Heart Day 2021

World Heart Day is celebrated worldwide on September 29. As the heart is one of the most essential organs of the human body it needs special care.

If the heart stops doing its job, the person may die. Today, health is being affected by new diseases and our poor routine.

World Heart Day is celebrated to keep the heart healthy in a situation that causes a lot of damage to the heart.

It is often seen that our food causes the most damage to the heart. The biggest contribution is our poor daily routine. According to doctors, everyone must do at least 30 minutes of exercise to keep his/her body healthy in the morning and must avoid rich fats and oily foods. Meanwhile, the increasing number of cases of bad food and smoking in today’s times are leading to heart-related diseases.

Importance of World Heart Day

While the number of heart patients is increasing day by day, many people die due to heart-related diseases. Some research on heart patients suggests that even at an early age people experience heart-related disorders, In such a situation, through World Heart Day, people are motivated and made aware to keep the heart healthy as well as reduce the risk of heart diseases

History of World Heart Day

In view of an increasing number of heart patients in the world, World Health Organization had proposed to celebrate World Heart Day. WHO in the year 2000 was the first time proposed to celebrate world heart day and since then it is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of September. Thereafter in 2014, world heart day is celebrated on 29 September every year.

The sole aim of World Heart Day is to focus on awareness among the people to reduce heart problems through which many countries every year conducts programs to spread awareness on people about the Heart.

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