Doctor uses iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro camera to check patients’ eyes

One of the new features of the iPhone 13 Pro is the addition of a new Macro mode for capturing very close-up photos and videos with the camera. While most users have been using the new mode to capture details of nature, Doctor Tommy Korn has discovered that the iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro camera can also be useful for eye treatment.

In a LinkedIn post, the ophthalmologist shared the story about how he has been using his new iPhone 13 Pro Max to check a patient’s eye with the new camera. Thanks to the Macro mode, Korn can take extremely detailed photos of the eyes, which lets him observe and record important details about patients’ health.

The doctor shows the case of a patient who had a cornea transplant and now needs to constantly check if the abrasion is being healed.

Been using the iPhone 13 Pro Max for MACRO eye photos this week. Impressed. Will innovate patient eye care & telemedicine. forward to seeing where it goes… Photos are from healing a resolving abrasion in a cornea transplant. Permission was obtained to use photos. PS: this “Pro camera” includes a telephone app too!

Together with optometrist Jeffrey Lewis, both doctors argue how this feature should be quite useful in pushing telemedicine forward.

Dovetails with the overall move toward virtual, slowly overcoming imaging barriers. Yet another way to impress, manage, nurture long-term relationships with our patients.

Despite having the new camera mode, Apple has not added a new lens specifically for Macro shots. Instead, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have an upgraded ultra-wide lens with a larger f/1.8 aperture and 120-degree field of view that is capable of capturing Macro images with 2 centimeters of distance.

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