How Do I Merge and Split PDF Files for Free?

PDF short for Portable Document Format is the universal and as well most frequently used file format. Every individual nowadays for personal or corporate needs prefers to share and keep their files in PDFs. However, sometimes it might be an exhausting process to organize and manage PDF documents. 

Sometimes you need to keep and focus only on a specific part of your PDF file or would like to share with your colleagues only a limited number of pages. Or in contrary scenarios where there are different files for a single task and you want to review them all together.

In all such situations, you need a handy way that allows you to split as well as merge PDF files or if you are someone working with PDF documents on a daily basis. The solution to this query of yours, “How Do I Merge and Split PDF Files for Free?” is answered in the article below.

  • How to Split PDF Files?

Among all the available ways to split PDF files the most convenient and faster way is using an online PDF splitting tool or online PDF splitter. Using a PDF splitting tool online facilitates you in splitting files within 2 easy steps.

You can also split your PDF files by downloading a desktop program or other Adobe options however they are comparatively extensive procedures. While for splitting PDF using online splitter you only need to have a trustworthy PDF tools website and a good internet connection.

  • Open PDF Splitter

The first step to split your huge PDF file into several small files involves choosing a competent and reliable PDF splitting tool. Albeit, there are several PDF tools available on the internet for free but not everyone could be trusted with your private files and confidential documents. So always go for the renowned and trustworthy tool.

  • Upload PDF

As soon as you have selected a tool for your PDF files, simply upload your files or drag and drop them directly. As a great assisting tip it is recommended to opt for a PDF website that has no limit for uploading of PDF files.

  • Customize Splitting

The online splitting tool allows you to customize any way you would like to split your file. You can either split them by page numbers or you can select a specific range e.g. from page 4 to page 19. That’s not all, you can also choose whether you would like to create a separate file for each of the pages or would like to create only one file for a defined range to split.

Split and Save

Splitting any extensive PDF file requires only two commands after uploading the document. Just click on the “split PDF” option and there you go, the split file will be displayed on your screen. Furthermore, to access the file you have to download it on your device by choosing the “Download” option.

  • How to Merge PDF Files?

Dozens of premium and freemium software and online tools provide PDF solutions for merging and combining them. You can conveniently use combine pdf online tools to merge your PDF files but for one reason or another, not all tools and software could be trusted. 

For instance, your document’s privacy could be compromised by using such tools that extract customer file contents. Since you would never want to share your files with such an online service. 

So in order to be relaxed regarding the privacy of your file constituents, and that no online platform is keeping them for records use a trusted and well-known tool. After selecting a reliable platform further steps needed to merge PDF are explained below.

  • Upload PDFs

To begin merging various PDF files after opting for your PDF tool website, the only required action by you is to upload files.  You can conveniently upload your files by drag and drop method or selecting in the uploading box. Choose as many files as you require to be merged together.

  • Merge PDFs

The second step in merging PDFs is to select the “Merge PDF” option and within a span of few seconds, your PDFs will be merged. Your numerous files will be merged rapidly without entering any difficult commands.

  • Download Merged PDF File

At last, to acquire your merged PDF file on your device, you have to click on “Download”. After that, all your fuss for managing several PDF files and analyzing them separately will vanish. As you can review, and keep them all together.

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