Online Escape Rooms: The Next Big Thing

The COVID 19 pandemic has drastically changed our lifestyle. With the concept of lockdowns, social distancing, and work from home stirred in the air around us, our existence has pretty much been an amalgamation of relying on virtual platform tools and gadgets to help us survive in this newly functioning situation. With the heavy inclination of everything online, be it medical appointments, meetings, jobs, classes and lectures, ordering groceries, or reading, our perspective has also shifted in terms of leisure and finding entertainment sources. What most of us have started to look for as a fun activity is slightly different from what it was a few years before. A majority of the people have opted to watch series and movies, some have gone back to playing video games, and the remaining slot has sided with indoor board games. Much of the time nowadays is either spent being on Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix for relaxing oneself and discovering some sort of communication with new people. 

But there is a better alternative to the usual video games and social media in this whirlwind of entertainment. Escape rooms are the next big thing blooming rapidly in the market. Before we dive further into its ambitious future, let us get a briefing of what an escape room is. An Escape Room also called a breakout puzzle or an Escape Game is an immersive live-action experience where you are willingly locked with a team in a puzzle room of your choice and you aim to escape and find a way out of it by finishing the challenges and solving the riddles. Sounds interesting, right? But then many people immediately conclude that this game is impossible to play while being cooped up at home.Guess what? Online Escape rooms are here to the rescue! With the same provisions and fun-packed themes to offer like the real and physical escape rooms, they are the best choice for you and your family to try out at home. They are kid-friendly and contain unique puzzles and riddles that anyone can find engaging. Moreover, they help you de-stress from the constant working and the mental exhaustion that follows after being glued to your screen. Anybody would love a good time with their people amidst a hectic schedule, right? 

Let us consider the factors that give online escape rooms an upper edge in the recreation domain: 

The new and interactive form of enjoyment 

Escape rooms are equipped with an immersive experience that makes you feel as if the whole event around you is a part of your reality. The stunning visuals, cool soundtrack, a gripping storyline to follow, interesting avatars to try out, and the friendly challenges that come with it are known to cure boredom and promote adrenaline boost in your body. You can dive into a lot of different themes and settings to play, like Prison Breakout, Evil Mummy’s Curse, Haunted House, Money Heist, and so much more. They are the ideal platform to practice and flex your mental muscles while gobbling up unlimited entertainment with your team. The puzzles are balanced and engaging so you can expect to always have a memorable experience while the clock ticks against your breath. 

Different from video games 

At one point, online and virtual games become bland and conventional. Despite their plot and improving sound and graphics, they do not help in your mental and emotional growth. You don’t get to learn anything new by playing them. What’s worse? You might get addicted and develop depression, isolated loneliness, and social anxiety. But online escape rooms on the other hand are meant to help you get out of your comfort zone and interact with a bunch of people to maneuver out to win your freedom. This helps in producing happy and painkilling hormones like serotonin and dopamine that help shoo away the terrible blues and negativity clogging in your mind. You also get to exercise and stretch your mental thinking abilities which rarely happens while playing any video game. 

Enjoy social events 

Online escape rooms make for a perfect spot for planning and hosting birthday parties, family gatherings, date events, and holiday celebrations. You can choose to do something new and book one room to enjoy social events with your close ones. This is a remarkable way to engage in a fun activity and simultaneously show affection for your friend, family, or coworker by giving them an escape room surprise. Once you give it a try, there’s no way you will ever want to miss another social function. 

Social skill building 

Nowadays people enroll in soft skill teaching classes as they are the need of the hour. Meetings and conferences are planned to learn cooperation and understanding among each other. Escape rooms do just the same, but with a more fun-filled and cheerful atmosphere. Interaction and communication are necessary for the team for solving puzzles, looking for clues, and completing the challenges. Since they are group and team relying games, it makes for a great option to cultivate your soft skills and establish warmth and a collaborating relation between you and your coworkers. 

Escape rooms came into the public limelight in 2016-17 and have since then evolved and brought creative and one-of-a-kind immersive experiences for the common man to relish in their daily life. Although this industry is devoid of a leader or a prominent figure, this concept has attracted people from all age groups and has continued to amaze everyone. With the newly introduced technologies like AR and VR, it is only a matter of time when the Online Escape Rooms will set new trends of their own and scale new heights of success in the entertainment sector. They sure are the next big thing waiting to erupt someday! 

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