President, PM, Sports Clergyman lead overflowing of applause for Aditi

Despite the fact that she missed a notable bronze in the game just barely, the size of the accomplishment was not lost on the billion-in number India on Saturday morning, which saluted her and offered its most noteworthy thanks to the 23-year-old, who has still not completely recuperated from an extreme episode of Coronavirus. 

The Leader of India Smash Nath Kovind was among the first to communicate his appreciation for the Bengaluru-based golf player – who was an image of consistency all through the opposition and surprisingly searched useful for a gold award -, tweeting, “Well played, Aditi Ashok! One more girl from India does something significant! You have taken Indian hitting the fairway higher than ever by today’s memorable exhibition. You have played with enormous quiet and balance. Congrats for the great showcase of coarseness and skills.” Leader Narendra Modi tweeted, “Well played! You have shown huge expertise and resolve during Tokyo2020. A decoration was barely missed yet you’ve gone farther than any Indian and pioneered a path. All the best for your future endeavors.” In practically no time, the PM’s tweet had been shared and loved a huge number of times.

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