PSG has made a mistake about Neymar

PSG finally lost in the league. Lionel Messi joined later, Neymar was not even there in the beginning. However, PSG has won the first 6 matches in the league. Messi-Neymar-Mbappe were all three against Ren today. However, the team could not avoid the 2-0 goal rate.

Coach Mauricio Pachettino has kept Messi-Mbappe on the field until the last moment of the match in the hope of rescuing the backward team. But the coach could not rely on Neymar so much. Who knows, he may have heard about his former teammate Eduard Sis. Despite having so many stars, the former midfielder has blamed Neymar for the PSG’s failure in the last few years. His idea is that the PSG authorities have made a mistake about Neymar.

Last week, PSG won 2-0 against Mamplia. Messi did not play in that match. Mbappe-Neymar was. However, coach Pachettino picked up Mbappe that day. PSG got the second goal after getting up to Mbappe. Seeing Draxler’s goal near Neymar, Mbappe confessed in front of his teammate Idrissa Gana Gay, “That (unpublished language) would not have given me this pass.”

Before Messi joined, the top two players in the team were Mbappe and Neymar. Such a relationship between the two indicates a storm. Even if something is not right on the field, there is a clash of personalities. In this case, Neymar is the only one responsible in the eyes of French midfielder Sis, who played in PSG from 1996 to 2006. In Sis’s eyes, Neymar is a ‘lost boy’.

“He was part of a strategy at Bar বারa,” Cicero told La Parisian. His game was much more transparent, though dribble was much more. His job was to break the opponent’s defense, find a gap and give the ball to ‘General’ Messi. He did it so well that it became his second entity. But everything was handed over to him in Paris. ‘

That is why Neymar came to PSG. A team will play around him, he will be the lifeblood of everything. Like Messi, Neymar could not be more successful than being the lifeblood of a team. In Sis’s eyes, the thought was wrong with PSG, ‘PSG made a mistake and let him do what he wanted. And at that moment he was lost. He is a great player, there is nothing to say about it. But he is happy, he does everything on his own. ‘

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