Putin’s girlfriend’s luxury flat in Monaco

A secret transaction took place in September 2003. Its location was Monaco. This country is known as a tax paradise for rich people in different countries of the world. Especially behind the luxury casinos here, the secret assets are being accounted for. There was an exchange of hands in an apartment. The agreement was signed by a local notary. Its purchase price was 36 lakh Euros (about 36 crore rupees). In return the buyer received a fourth-floor flat in a luxury building; Got two parking spaces, a storeroom and a swimming pool.

From the veranda the new owner can see the super yacht looking at the glittering mariners (beaches) of Monaco. The security system is so strong that no tourist can disturb the residents. There are also small gardens on the roof of the complex. The words there are also melodic.

However, the identity of the person who bought the flat was not known. The name of the flat owner in the papers was an offshore company. The name of the company registered in the British Virginia Islands is Brookville Development Limited.

The identity of the flat owner has come out in Pandora Papers. The Guardian, one of the media outlets analyzing the documents, said the flat owner was a woman. In 2003, he was 26 years old. Her name is Svetlana Kryvonogich. Within a few years, Kryvonogich became the owner of much more wealth.

He owned flats, houses and yachts in an elite area of ​​St. Petersburg, Russia, his hometown, and other assets. Svetlana Kryvonogich’s wealth stands at more than কোটি 100 million.

What is the secret of his banana swollen finger? According to media reports, Krivonogich’s past was very common, according to a Guardian report. He lived in a densely populated apartment. He had to share the bathroom and kitchen with five families.

Kryvonogich studied trade and also worked as a shop cleaner. However, after the nineties, one of his well-wishers came to the alliance. He is none other than Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

Kryvonogich befriended Putin when he was mayor of St. Petersburg, according to Russia’s independent investigative website Proct in 2020. She is said to have been Putin’s girlfriend.

Whatever the true nature of their relationship, they were supposed to be close. There is also little evidence that the two traveled by plane together. Putin then became Russia’s intelligence chief, prime minister, and president in 2000. Three years later, in 2003, Kryvonogich gave birth to a child. Her name is Elizabeth or Louisa. Project claims that Luiz’s father is Putin. The Kremlin has not commented. Putin does not usually disclose his personal life. Putin and his wife Ludmila have two daughters. One is named Masha and the other is named Katrina. Putin broke up with Ludmila in 2013.

When Proct leaked the secret news, Luiza actively highlighted her lifestyle through social media. Things like partying, chatting with friends, communicating with influential people and traveling by private jet came up on his Instagram. When Luiza is asked about Putin, he always avoids tactics. The Guardian declined to comment.

Krivonogich’s story is not just about love. There is also the issue of money. Russia’s influence over Monaco has grown over the past two decades. Dominic Anastasis, a local lawyer, said: “We have a warm welcome for rich businessmen and Russian citizens. Besides, as a tax haven, you don’t have to worry about taxes here. No one questions where the money came from. There is no culture of scrutiny here. There is no need to announce any tax here. ‘

Monaco has professional tax firms with a network of several legal entities that provide customer service around the world. There is no way to understand anything but a beautiful roof garden from the outside. The managing director of this organization is a British man. His name is Yaman McGregor. According to the documents, he is associated with Brookville Development Limited and an organization called BVI in Kryvonogich. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is nothing special written in his biography. Dad was a police constable. Born in 1950. Trained in Liverpur. He has worked on tax policy. Know the languages ​​of France and Italy.

Pandora Papers documents leaked information about McGregor’s wealthy customers. Among them is the name of a Soviet bureaucrat named Gennady Timchenko. According to Forbes, Timchenko has more than ২০০ 2.2 billion in assets. McGregor has been looking after his assets for the past 20 years. Among them is a jet, a 40-meter luxury yacht named after MS Lenar, Timchenko’s wife.

Timchenko and Putin have been friends since the 1990s. Timchenko traded oil in St. Petersburg at the time. And the emerging leader was Putin. In 1991, when he was head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the city, Putin approved the export of oil to Timchenko.

Timchenko later opened a Swiss-based trading house called Gasvor, which exported oil to Russia. The question of who exactly benefited from Ganbhor is controversial.

In 2006, Moscow political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky alleged that Putin was one of the beneficiaries of the company’s activities. He is another owner behind the scenes.

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