Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Season (1)

Do you all remember the riddle of the Sphinx? The impossible question that the mythical creature guarding Thebes asks us is if we answer the wrong question, will it eat us? Everyone in elementary school remembers that this question is very difficult: “What is the Resident Evil series?” It is difficult to answer. The Sphinx ate many people. Resident Evil is not a consistent franchise. Hell, their personal actions are not very consistent, even if they are good! But it is a huge multimedia object with video. Games, feature films, animated films, and upcoming TV series named after him, so there must be something to tie them together, right? However, due to its incoherence, it seems very successful. This is the strangeness of the infinite darkness of Resident Evil, a crudely animated miniseries currently playing on Netflix: if we look closely at it, it represents a possible answer to the questions posed by the history of Resident Evil. It includes four and a half hours of episodes, which fortunately is very short. Infinite Darkness, written and directed by Eiichiro Hasumi and co-author Shogo Moto, is a computer-animated miniseries that tells the story of government agent Leon S. Kennedy after a rapidly contained zombie outbreak turned into a White House crisis. The United States and China. The relationship between the former and the latter forms the basis of the plot of “Infinite Darkness”, but the answer is only convincing for die-hard Resident Evil fans. Otherwise, it is not clear.


For example, “Resident Evil 4” and “Resident Evil 5” video games should also be familiar with the general events of Resident Evil 2; otherwise, they will win. “I don’t know the other protagonist Claire Redfield (Claire Redfield) and how her relationship with Lyon is. (Together they survived the zombie apocalypse in the small town of Raccoon City.) Lyon also appeared on request. Or in the middle-level animated film trilogy for rent, the subtitles are Degeneration, Curse, and Vendetta, but Endless Darkness “Unfolds in an Instant. On a timeline where the story is not important.” Again, this looks like a project only for die-hard fans, who most want to see the connection between these past and recent stories. Infinite darkness does its job. Unfortunately, considering all the preparations for the infinite darkness that the audience hopes for, this is not very convincing. On paper, this miniseries has an interesting twist on the “Resident Evil” formula: He chose to cover the omnipresent zombies in the show almost on the side, instead of focusing on the people who created them. This has always been common in Resident Evil games. In the novel, the zombie series and other monsters are almost by-products of pharmaceutical companies trying to develop a new weapon. The hordes of monsters that players fight against in these games are called “biological organic weapons,” which usually cause collateral damage to develop better and more advanced weapons. The devastating monsters usually end up encountering. It is the strongest link that connects all Resident Evil games and derivative media. They vary greatly in tone and quality-everything is related to the military complex and how all the meat is chopped. . Mir is in the manufacture of combat weapons. In the world of Resident Evil, bullets, bombs, and missiles are no longer enough to satisfy the greed of war speculators. New horrors must be introduced and the consequences must be introduced.


Although there are many actions in “Infinite Darkness”, it is more like a political drama. Although the time is set in 2006, it reflects the current tensions between the United States and China, and focuses on the fictitious country Panemstein, involved in civil wars of interest to the other two countries. In the end, almost all the participants, including Lyon, had their hands contaminated to some degree because the institutions dealing with decay were not as clean as killing zombies. It is worth noting that Infinite Darkness conveyed all this with an amazing embarrassment. The quality of the animation varies from frame to frame, with plot-style battle scenes or close-ups showing stunning details, while most of the other scenes are occupied by characters best described as animated mannequins. English dubbing is very harsh, the start and end of the episode are random (just like the Netflix movie is divided into a series), the script is obviously boring. Seeing such an attempt to deliberately emphasize the current theme of the Resident Evil series. But when it happens, the usual subject confusion is the best option.

Epi 1:

In 2000, an American helicopter was shot down in Penamatan; his team was attacked by local residents. Despite his instructions to the contrary, the Reservoir Dog team landed and tried to save the team. Six years later, Claire worked as a humanitarian worker in Penamstan, where she showed the survivors of the ongoing conflict. The White House was subsequently hacked, followed by several infected employees. Leon, Shen Mei, and Jason, the Penamstan hero, mentioned China on a secret mission in a submarine. Before Leon left, he met Claire at the White House, and Claire told him what she had discovered.

Epi 2:

Lyon, Jason, and Shen Mei enter Chinese waters on a submarine, Claire investigates the encounter with the mad dog. Their mission was also demonstrated in the flashback, in which the reservoir dog rescued a survivor, but could only recover his infected body. On the submarine, RAT BOWS attacked and killed the crew, while Jason and Shen Mei killed the other three unsuspecting crew. Leon, Jason, and Shen Mei jointly evacuated the submarine in the escape compartment before the submarine self-destructed. Wilson, Secretary of Defense of the Chinese Navy. In a safe house in Shanghai, it was revealed that Shen Mei and Jason were working together to expose Wilson’s involvement in Penamatan, where reservoir dogs were infected when they breached the BOW test. Leon refused to help Jason and Shen Mei. When facing them, he apparently shot Jason and Shen Mei escaped.

Epi 3:

Claire explored the home of the last dog survivor except for Jason but committed suicide. It turns out that the soldiers of the unit were infected during the deployment of Penanstan. At the same time, Leon followed Shen Mei to his grandfather’s house. After breaking in, Shen Mei’s brother turned out to be a soldier rescued by a mad dog, but when he was brought back to the base by a reservoir dog, he had already contracted the virus and returned. Mei’s grandfather then brought him to China. The Reservoir Dog became Wilson’s private military unit and continued to receive medication to prevent the spread of his infection. Shen Mei cooperated with Jason to expose Wilson using his position as a US Army officer to infect soldiers with the virus to test its effectiveness. When Shen Mei provided information to Lyon to expose Wilson, the house was destroyed and Shen Mei’s grandfather and brother were killed. Lyon and Shen Mei fled, preparing to defeat Wilson, and Claire was captured by Wilson’s men after trying to confront Wilson’s behavior.3

While using the inhibitors provided by Tricell, Wilson continued to hide. After recovering, Lyon and Claire broke up because Lyon refused to disclose any information about Wilson’s conspiracy and promised to use it to stop using BOWs.

 Director: Eiichiro Hasumi

 Producer: Hiroyasu Shinohara

 Screenplay: Eiichiro Hasumi Shogo Moto

 Music: Yugo Kanno

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Season 1

 Release Date:July 8, 2021


Leon S.Kennedy

Shen May






Before the correct presentation of Netflix Portugal, Netflix Portugal tweeted a teaser saying that it would be a “CGI movie”, but deleted the tweet shortly thereafter. The show’s executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi officially announced “Darkness” as a CG series at the 2020 Tokyo Game Show virtual edition. In the virtual biohazard display event in April 2021, it was announced that Eiichiro Hasumi will be the director and director of the Yugo Sugano series. As a composer. The series is co-produced by TMS Entertainment and animation service company Quebico.

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