Suarez said his gestures were not intended to be reduced

Everyone knows that Luis Suarez is angry with Ronald Coman. The Uruguayan striker did not want to leave Barcelona last season. But Koman announced shortly after taking over as coach at the Nou Camp that Suarez was not in his plans. Despite all the reluctance, Suarez had to leave Barcelona. La Liga was signed by another club, Atletico Madrid.

Suarez, who became a Brahmin in Barcelona, ​​indirectly made a threat on the day he left the Nou Camp. He said he would play at Atletico with all his might. He is doing that too. Wanda Metropolitano, who wore Atletico’s jersey last season, has scored 28 goals in 47 appearances in all competitions, including five goals in 10 matches this season. Atletico won the La Liga title.

While Suarez is moving forward in great rhythm, Coman’s Barca is beating. Suarez’s team lost to Atletico in La Liga yesterday. Suarez also scored a goal for Atletico at the rate of 2-0. He said before the match that he believed he would score a goal against Barcelona. However, he said that even if he gets a goal, he will not celebrate with respect. Suarez has kept his word. After scoring the team’s second goal in the 44th minute, he folded his arms and apologized to the Barcelona fans.

Suarez made another pose after scoring. A gesture like calling with the right hand close to the ear. Many say he did so because he could not stand in the dugout due to the ban, for Barcelona coach Coman in the gallery. Shortly before leaving Barcelona, ​​Dutch coach Coman called Suarez and told him he was not in his plans! Many in the football world are now saying that Suarez answered Koman’s call in this way.

But at the end of the match, Suarez said, this attitude is not intended for Koman. The Atletico Uruguayan striker also explained why he made the call, saying, “I did it for those who know I have the same number as before and I’m using the same old phone.” It’s not for Koman. ”

Whatever he is, it goes without saying that Suarez has been able to take Kal Koman by one hand.

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