The iPhone 13: Apple’s Release Date, Color, Price, and Features

The eagerly awaited launch of the new iPhone Apple fans eagerly anticipate the iPhone 13 and are getting closer to its release date.

Despite being only eleven months old, the iPhone 12 could see minimal changes.

iPhone 13 Release Date

Although the launch of iPhone 12 was delayed to October due to the pandemic, it is expected that Apple will resume their September launch date for iPhone 13.

Although no date has been confirmed yet, Apple’s normal approach suggests that the launch will be on the fourth Friday in each month, which would mean September 24.

The iPhone 13 comes in a variety of colours

The iPhone 13 Pro will likely come in four colour options: black, silver and rose gold.

Rumours have swirled that new options might be available, including matte black, pink, and bronze. However, these are merely rumours at the moment.

The iPhone 13 Price

The pricing is expected to be comparable to the iPhone 12. This means that prices will range from $699 to $799 to $999 to $1,099.

iPhone 13 Features

The iPhone 13 will most likely have the same features as the iPhone 12. A new feature is the availability of a variety sizes. Four different sizes are expected for the iPhone 13: ranging from 5.4 inch for the iPhone mini to 6.8 inches for Pro Max models.

The camera has also seen major improvements. It will now have a bigger cut-out to allow for sensor-shift stabilization.

The notch on the iPhone’s front is expected to be smaller. This is due to the True Depth camera moving to the edge of case and the earpiece speaker above.

The iPhone 13 will also be 0.2% thicker. Experts claim that the iPhone 13 will have a thinner battery.

Face ID will be produced from plastic rather than glass as an Apple cost-saving measure.

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