US Government office India commends the accomplishment of the country’s competitors; acclaims Chopra, Sindhu, Mirabai

NEW DELHI, AUG 8: The US Government office in India on Sunday committed its Twitter page to the seven Indian medallists and other top achievers from the country at the Tokyo Olympic Games, conveying a message to the wearing crew of the country that the worldwide superpower was with it in its hour of festivity.

“Olympic Games unite the world in sport. Congrats TeamIndia for your stupendous presentation and the best-ever award count at Olympics. You’re all obvious heroes! To observe TeamIndia, we feature the Tokyo2020 achievers on our page today.

While the US unforeseen completed on top with a count of 113 decorations (39 gold, 41 silver, and 33 bronze) and India was put 48th with an aggregate of seven awards (one gold, two silver, and four bronze), the US perceived India’s work in Tokyo, which was the best ever at the quadrennial show-stopper, by posting little writeups on the decoration victors.

Saluting Indian badminton player PV Sindhu, US and India posted an image of the shuttler with the bronze award and composed, “PV Sindhu impacted the world forever by turning into India’s first lady competitor with two Olympic decorations.

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