We Have Settled Now-Scarlett Johansson and Disney Plus

Star Scarlett Johansson and Disney plus have now settled over their long-back dispute over the hybrid release of Black Widow, As Just a few months are the suit made headlines.

Johansson filed the suit earlier this year after Disney decided to release the film on its streaming platform on the same day it would be released in the theater. Johansson claimed a breach of the contract in her suit that cost her upwards of $50 million in the loss of backend profit. The announcement of the lawsuit set off a firestorm of controversy as Scarlett and Disney’s representatives battled for it out in the public eye.

Most of the industry people and celebrities supported Johansson in her suit. Johansson’s lawsuit also seemed to indicate that the battle between streaming and theaters was finally heating up as the industry shifted more towards a streaming model that benefited the studio more than it did talent.

Now the things over them seemed cool down .as they have settled the lawsuit. and in Johansson’s latest statement, she said that she is eager to continue working with the studio ‘’I am happy that to resolve our differences. Disney has also added that they are proud to get them back and looking forward to doing more projects with the actresses.


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