KickAss Torrents Websites: KAT new sites

Kickass Torrents, the so-called KAT was the famous torrent website till 2015. KAT was launched back in 2008. It has become the most used directory for torrent files over the years. It has a record of more than 1 million users per day at that point. Unfortunately, Kickass Torrents was seized in 2016 by the US government and went offline.

Kickass Site is famous for its copyrighted movies, and free software downloads. Users could download paid or unpaid software and files for free. It was shut down due to the sharing of pirated material. The US government took down the website.

However, the majority of users searched for these torrent sites. Although there are many successful torrents websites out there, you can also use Kickass Torrents Clones and mirrors. It is possible that it won’t work for you if your ISP has issues. In such cases, VPN (Virtual Private Network) will be required.

Although these proxy websites or mirrors may not appear to work the same as the original KAT sites, you can still access your files with no problem.

Proxy/Mirror KickAss Torrents

Alternatives to KickAss Torrents

If you have issues with the KAT mirror site, please let us know. Kickass Torrents Alternatives is another option. Although they work well, each torrent site offers a unique interface.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one the most popular torrent sites. KickAssTorrent is the second most popular torrent site with millions of visitors. All media, software, and games are available for free. Pirate Bay is the top torrent site in the world. There are many torrents available in various categories, including Media, Software and Games, as well as Books.

You can also reach other torrent sites, as I mentioned previously.


Another torrent site, YTS, is also popular. This torrents site is ideal for users with limited bandwidth. YTS is mainly used to download music and movies. This could be your best choice if you’re looking for a torrents site that allows you to download movies.


1337x is another torrent site I recommend. You won’t be disappointed by the large variety of torrents available in all categories. The 1337x torrent site has a simple interface that makes it easy to search for torrents.

KickAss Torrent Current Status

We all know that the original KAT website has gone offline and will not be returning. Its proxy sites are managed and run by different admins. The servers were shut down by KAT staff when they were seized by the US government. It has been offline since then and shows no signs of returning.

Sites for torrents that work

We have already mentioned the many alternatives to KAT. The most popular are 1337x and The Pirate Bay. These websites allow you to download software, movies, and other files from there websites.

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